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Brand Forward - M3 Group

M3 Group is a full-service branding agency rallying together to move businesses forward.

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as a full-service branding agency we assist our clients with every facet of their brand, from marketing and corporate consulting to PR and advertising services. Each of M3 Group’s departments specializes in providing a unique piece to our comprehensive range of services to provide the most targeted integrated solutions for our clients.

We know that it takes a series of touch points to make a big difference. Consistent efforts in a variety of areas that solidify a brand’s definition and convey what is most important, is the key to successful integration.

M3 Group’s goal is to make our clients feel like we are part of their team. Our full-service, integrated approach allows M3 Group to manage as much or as little of a project as needed. Our clients know that M3 Group is there to support, train, consult, create and guide them on their next big adventure.

M3 Group whole-heartedly believes in using an integrated marketing approach to produce results. In conjunction with branding and advertising messaging, M3 Group can assist in creating full circle call-to-action campaigns.

As an award-winning team with PACE, ADDY, Davey and Communicator Awards, M3 Group is able to not only produce visually creative pieces, but effective messaging to achieve the goals and objectives of our clients.

Media Planning & Buying
It's important to use an integrated approach to build media campaigns. Through radio, television, outdoor, print and online advertising M3 Group ensures advertising budgets are used efficiently and effectively to reach the target audience.

Through our own publication, Capital Area Women's Lifestyle Magazine and the Greater Lansing Business Monthly, M3 Group is able to manage a publication from start to finish through editorial, design, photography, layout and print management.

M3 Group considers account management one of the most important factors when working with our clients. As the pivot-point, it is crucial that the account executive coordinate communication between the agency and their clients.

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we are driven by unlimited ideas and aim to achieve exceptional results. M3 Group has a large range of work that includes both creative and strategic pieces. With more than a decade of experience, we are dedicated to finding the right mix to get our clients and our work noticed.

M3 Group has an award-winning team with PACE, ADDY, Davey, Earned Media and Communicator Awards that span multiple years for logos, brochures, events, PR campaigns and other materials. Although creative implementation is important, the most critical element of any project is the effectiveness of the message to achieve the goals and objectives. Impeccable execution is what drives our work, we aim to provide tangible results for every project.

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the key to our success is M3 Group’s ambitious team. With strong leadership and a driven staff, we are an unstoppable force. When we say the sky’s the limit – we mean it.

M3 Group’s designers specialize in creating eye-catching designs and full circle campaigns, while our web designers take into account both form and function when creating a site. The video production team can create anything from traditional commercials to cutting-edge video blogs, while the marketing team works to create social media campaigns and high-end brand plans. Our sales and media buying teams work diligently to guide our clients to the results they are looking for.

M3 Group’s talented staff works together seamlessly, allowing us to focus on our clients. Thanks to our comprehensive array of services, all our clients have to think about is their business.


tiffany has managed public and private accounts of varying sizes for more than 19 years. She worked on public relations efforts for Lansing-based biotech organization Neogen Corporation before becoming a public relations and marketing director for Starr Commonwealth, a nonprofit organization where the average age of its donor-base was 67 years old when she arrived and 42 years old when she left.

Prior to starting M3 Group, Tiffany was appointed by Gov. John Engler as the marketing and public relations director for the Michigan Department of Career Development.

Since founding M3 Group more than a decade ago, the full-service branding agency has received numerous awards. In addition to running M3 Group, Tiffany publishes Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine and hosts “Michigan in Motion,” a branding-focused radio show broadcast on the Michigan Business Network.


jennifer has worked in the media world for 20 years and has voiced commercials for countless accounts. As the Vice President of Business Development, she has managed local, regional and national media accounts. By utilizing her analytical skills to understand markets, she is able to successfully determine day parts and perform situational analysis for the organizations she works with.

Since joining M3 Group in 2009 Jennifer has provided many value-added services to clients. With keen negotiating skills, she has worked to save clients money on outdoor, radio and television spots.

Jennifer is always working toward gaining added value spots for all of her clients. She has received thousands of dollars worth of added value placements in her career and will continue to do so to better meet reach and frequency goals of her clients.


Kelly is a Michigan State University grad with nearly 10 years of advertising and marketing experience. She obtained her bachelor’s degree with concentrations in both creative advertising and advertising management. Her experience at M3 Group began as an intern, since then the sky has been the limit.

As the VP of Marketing & Communications at M3 Group, Kelly manages and coordinates all marketing, advertising and promotional activities. She leads the marketing and branding team in the development and implementation of plans and projects while also acting as a liaison between the creative team and clients.

Kelly is a key member of the M3 Group team. With a background in graphic design, Kelly has the inside track when it comes to overseeing branding and marketing efforts and is always driving to see results.

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founded 10 years ago by Tiffany Dowling, M3 Group has grown into one of the largest and most respected agencies in mid-Michigan. For more than a decade, M3 Group has built and refined strong brands through integrated marketing strategies that keep our clients and their bottom line in mind. Our award-winning staff works across traditional and non-traditional platforms to provide our clients with creative and innovative solutions. But we’re not all business all the time. Check out the snapshot of our week in web and make sure to visit our blog site for archives and more M3 Group office happenings.

our awards


At M3 Group we are proud to be members of other professional groups in the area that support industry and community growth. Click to visit their websites.

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