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work team putting their hands together

Workplace Culture is Key to Our Success

Talented, smart, creative individuals in marketing can work just about anywhere. But why do they choose one particular company over another?    Workplace culture is key.    A good fit into the company culture is a necessity for survival at busy and thriving companies. When someone leaves a company, it is often not a failure. It is […]
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M3’s In-Service Day will Better Serve Clients

Improvement is a perpetual process.  Being open and able to adapt and evolve in a way that propels an advancing motion are the antidotes to the disease of stagnation — and stagnation stifles creativity and  breeds complacency.    At M3 Group, we don’t believe in standing still. We’re all about motion and forward progress. It’s what […]
m3 building

Retrospect: One Year as a Reseda Group Subsidiary

To put a new twist on an old expression: What a year a difference makes. It’s been just over a year since M3 Group became a subsidiary of Reseda Group in 2022, and a lot of positive changes and developments have taken place in that time. Reseda Group is a credit union service organization founded and […]

M3 Group Wins Two Viddy Awards for MSUFCU Campaign

Motion captivates. Visuals provide food for the eyes. They prompt the immediate emotional response that text cannot, and they can encapsulate a complex story in a matter of seconds that would take paragraphs of words to convey. It’s not too hard to see why video is so popular. Video is an easy-to-digest format that gives […]
M3 Group Office

M3’s Pod Structure Provides Consistency, Continuity for Clients

At M3 Group, we pride ourselves on being pod people. No, we aren’t the plant-like extraterrestrial parasites that inhabit humans from the horror classic “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” — although we do all shuffle toward the kitchen in a zombified state whenever the company springs for lunch. After all, it’s been well-documented that the […]

MSUFCU’s #dreamBIG Campaign

M3 Group was called to action by our client Michigan State University Federal Credit Union to create a series of commercials and billboards to tell the stories of community organizations, highlight their work and reveal how MSUFCU has helped them achieve their big dreams in the community. The campaign needed to highlight MSUFCU’s more than […]