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We’re on the hunt for the next M3er. Could it be you? Read below to find out more.
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Senior Graphic Designer

Been a graphic designer for a while? Like five to ten years? Do CMYK, Hex and RGB mean something to you? Equally comfortable in traditional and digital design? Looking for an opportunity to grow into a leadership role? Well then, read on.

The team at M3 Group is looking for a Senior Graphic Designer to join our fast-growing agency. You’ll work in a small team, dedicated to supporting specific clients. But you’ll also collaborate cross-agency and cross-client when duty calls.

M3 Group activates and empowers brands of all shapes and sizes. Our broad, deep team includes designers, writers, strategists, account managers, PR pros, videographers, illustrators, programmers, digital specialists, and more. The result is an agency with unparalleled bench depth for our size.

If you’d describe yourself as someone who gets excited by a particularly powerful ad or it stimulates ideas of how you would have done it better, then you may be the creative visionary we need. If you tend to believe your ideas will help companies grow and you try to understand all facets of the organization to hit the target perfectly, then you fit the well-rounded design role we’re seeking.

Our new team member will ask important questions, give bold ideas and produce knock-out, wow-based designs. If you get excited about industry variety and project diversity, you’ll fit well in this fast-paced, team-oriented environment. You should be able to get up-to-speed quickly and work with minimal direction. Bring fresh ideas and a new perspective. And deliver meticulous attention to the smallest of details.

If you follow (and even create) internal processes in order to meet organizational needs, but color outside the lines when producing design work – you may be a unicorn and M3 Group could be your playground. Our new team member will have a great portfolio from five to ten years in the industry and will have all the expected design, print and illustration skills and software knowledge needed to hit the ground running. We’re looking for the person who wants to lead teams and mentor early career designers. Does the idea of providing insight based on years of experience make you smile? This position is for you. In addition, if you know how to design innovative and effective websites, understand UI/UX design, your mad skills will take you far at M3 Group.

Some other specifics:

  • We’re based in Lansing, Michigan – but we’re open to remote staff in Michigan, if you’re the right fit.
  • This is a full-time position, we’ll supply benefits, your computer and software, and the other tools you’ll need to excel.
  • You’ll need to be able to create and execute concepts in digital and traditional media.
  • We expect fanatical attention to detail.
  • You need to work and play well with others.
  • The ability to successfully describe your design philosophies and defend your rationale for choices with teammates and clients alike.

M3 Group believes in staying positive, working hard and making it happen for our clients, team members and our community. Our personal-responsibility model puts you in the driver’s seat accountable to yourself, the team and the client. Interested? We hope so. Send us your resume and portfolio information and how you plan to make a difference for our M3 Group clients.

Want to apply? Click here. Please send us your resume, cover letter, and a link to your online portfolio. Bonus points if you can tell us how you’ll rock our world.

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