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Webinar and Live Stream services

M3 Group can host a Webinar for you! We’ll worry about the promotion, scheduling, registration and tech-y things. You just need to provide the presentation. 

Event Types


This is a seminar-like event where you are presenting to a group of people. Users will register for this event via email, webpage or other promotions. Registration can be free or paid.

After registration, users will get the information to connect via any device. They will also receive email and SMS reminders as the event day and time get closer.

During the webinar, users can chat live. You can also have polls and surveys that are answered live. You can focus on your presentation and M3 Group will worry about moderating the chat, users and the interactivity.

After the webinar, a recording of the event is provided for live replays for any user who missed out. You can also take the downloaded video and post on your website or to sell as a download.


  • Promotional webpage for registration
  • Contact capturing for your email list
  • Free or paid scheduled events
  • Up to 500 attendees
  • Live chat, polling and surveys
  • Recorded session available for re-play or selling
  • Any browser or device
  • Display active offers for users to click & buy
  • Engagement analytics

Live Stream

This is a public event type that is free. M3 Group will assist in the software and hardware setup required for you to be able to stream live on Facebook, YouTube or many other live-streaming platforms. 

Users have no ability to speak or participate beyond watching and chatting.


  • Stream to your business Facebook or YouTube (requires proper account privileges)
  • Stream to other platforms as requested


Your presentation can range from a slideshow and webcam microphone, all the way up to a professional presentation equipped with professional lighting, audio and video.


  • Hardware procurement
  • Temporary studio setup


Setup, Promotion and Presentation Assistance


Initial meeting & scheduling of webinar


Promotion of event

  • Promotion graphics (banner, social post images etc.)
  • Promoted posts (Media Buy not included)
    • *Subject to market rate
  • Newsletter Promotion


Presentation Assistance

  • Practice run
  • Final presentation moderation & interaction





Webinar Pricing


Webinar setup

  • Configuration
  • Registration page creation
  • Attendee Management



Livestream Pricing (No attendee functionality)


Livestream setup

  • Hardware & software configuration



Webinar & Livestream Simulcast (Stream your live webinar to Facebook or YouTube)


Webinar setup

  • Configuration
  • Registration page creation
  • Attendee management
  • Livestream setup
  • Software configuration