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The Video Marketing Explosion

How do you boost conversions, increase return on investment and appeal to even the idlest of buyers? Video. Video is engaging, stimulating and easy to share on multiple platforms — giving your brand the momentum it needs to be seen wherever you want it to. According to Wyzowl, video marketing is overwhelmingly used by a […]

Inside the Design Process of an M3 Creative Visionary

Every beautiful logo, formatted document or aesthetically pleasing PowerPoint that comes out of M3 Group has been graced by the artistic prowess of one of our creative visionaries. We all appreciate the color, intrigue and balance they bring to the work we ultimately present to clients, but have you ever wondered how they do what […]

Making Meaningful Connections with Media Roundtables

A roundtable discussion is getting a group of people gathered in one spot to discuss a topic and get everyone on the same page. Media roundtables can be done for multiple purposes. Here are just two examples. One, a simple introduction to local media to introduce yourself as point of contact, describe what your company […]

Casting Call: How M3 Group uses models for client projects and how someone you know can play a part in upcoming campaigns

M3 Group is fortunate to have a strong video and photo department, and it works with several clients on the production of website video and photography as well as television commercials and other forms of advertising campaigns. That means the coordination of responsible models from all walks of life — and it requires a pool […]

517 Magazine Wins 2022 Marcom Platinum Award

M3 Group began the monthly publication following the merging of Greater Lansing Business Monthly and Capitalize Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine.

The Heart of Design: M3 Group’s Holiday Cards and Gifts

Things took a turn when we saw the final projects and loved them all so much that we wanted to share them all.

The Creative Minds and Magic Behind the M3 Holiday Cards

It’s no secret that we think we have the deepest talent bench in the region, and this season the evidence backing up that belief only keeps growing. Each December, M3 Group releases its holiday card to our clients, customers and contacts. In past years we’ve typically tapped one of our exceptional creative visionaries for the […]

Can’t Get Your Business off the Ground? Resolve to Create a Small-business Plan for 2023.

You are a go-getter — always on the move, working more than anyone else you know. Yet your business numbers aren’t showing the fruits of your labor and you’re exhausted. Why? Let us ask you: When you started your business, did you have a plan? We’re talking about the full kit and caboodle. The plan […]

The Power of Video Animation

Motion captivates us. Visuals provide food for the eyes. They prompt the immediate emotional response that text cannot, and they can encapsulate a complex story in a matter of seconds that would take paragraphs of words to convey. It’s not too hard to see why video is so popular these days. Video is an easy-to-digest […]

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