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Those of you who work in the creative field know how important inspiration is and how important it is to have a constant source of it. However, every so often, we get stuck. We aren’t sure what or how to use the many sources of inspiration in our crazy world.

What is inspiration? According to Wikipedia, inspiration, in an artistic sense, is “sudden creativity in artistic production.” In advertising, that inspiration plays an essential role in design. Can you imagine advertisements without it? They become lifeless, boring and mundane.

Advertising is not just giving consumers the information necessary to know what a candy bar tastes like, how much it costs and where to find it. No, it’s evolved into a combination of complex design work and well laid out content. Designers must constantly be pushing their own limits to come up with new and exciting ways to reach out to target markets. They need to be inspired.

How to become inspired? The best part of all of this is that anyone and everyone can be inspired. It doesn’t matter where you are, who you are talking to or what you are looking at. As long as you are open and willing, you can be inspired.

Where can inspiration be found?

• Nature: Look at the colors, the shapes, the sizes, the textures that seem to be randomly put together to make such beautiful pieces of art. Take note of it all and try to use nature’s colors or shapes in your next design piece.

• Magazines: Check out the different layouts that are being used today, or even were used in the past. Look at the different fonts, and the placement of those fonts in relation to images.

• Typography: Have you ever opened up a typography book just for fun? If not, I highly suggest that you do. Beautiful typography can make an entire design piece flow.

• Photography: Viewing different media, such as photography, can open up your mind to different ideas that you may have never thought of.

• The web: Need we say more? You can find anything on the web, just make sure you are still coming up with your own creative ideas and not stealing others.

• Emotions: Take whatever emotions you might have toward someone or something and use it in your next design.