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Smartphone vs. Digital camera for business photography

Pictures really do tell a story and depending on that final image, your story can circulate or fall flat.

When it comes to using photography for your business’ social media, etc., there are several things to consider. Among them, what are you planning to do with your images?


A good DSLR costs anywhere from $800 to $4,000. Add to that the expense of lenses, lighting and accessories and you’ve got one pricey setup. But if you take pictures regularly to promote your staff, your products, news and more, and you plan to use them on your website, press releases, flyers and billboards – consider a good, quality camera. It may sound trite, but having that larger camera and lens also make you look more professional at events.

Camera Phone:

If you are simply using a camera for social media and never expect to enlarge images or use them beyond your Facebook and Instagram accounts, an iPhone is probably just fine for use. iPhones take remarkably good pictures, but you will notice the color is less lush and the image is less sharp when posted next to a good digital camera image. iPhone images also don’t enlarge as well and will look more pixelated than they appear on your phone. That being said, there are now a variety of apps available to help you clean up, brighten and take your iPhone images to the next level and beyond.

Regardless of the vehicle you choose for your brand’s photos, it takes more than a good camera to tell your story. Someone who understands use of light, angles and depth of field can rock both an iPhone or a pricey digital camera. It just takes a little time and finesse.

M3 Group offers on-site photography and video services to our clients with Cannon DSLRs and a Sony Mirrorless Camera. We have L-series lenses on hand, as well as the lighting tools needed for consistently sharp images. We also use iPhones when on the go for quick social media posts.

In other words, we take into account the end result wanted – and use the product needed to help tell and sell a client’s story.

Are you ready for your close-up? Learn more at www.m3group.biztoday.