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A lesson in diversity: Not everyone decks the halls

Our building is filled with holiday merriment. From the giant tree on our main floor to decorations on our desks, we are in the spirit.

With our holiday office party and planned in-office events just days away, we had to step back and take a moment to really reflect. Not everybody in the building celebrates Christmas. Be it for reasons secular or nonsecular, the holidays are not everyone’s cup of eggnog.

Several non-Christian holidays happen during the winter months, but we can’t just add a menorah or put up a Kwanzaa display and call it good.

Mostly, we can’t force someone who doesn’t enjoy the holiday season for personal reasons to be full of good tidings and cheer. We should never push our beliefs on anyone without invitation.

How can we make our workplace more inclusive for all during the season? By letting them … be them.

In other words:

Invite employees to give feedback. Acknowledge the diversity of the staff.

Make the office party or pre-holiday shenanigans optional. Don’t force the holiday on anyone.

Be respectful of the way co-workers celebrate the holidays. If they are open to it, ask questions and learn about their unique cultural celebrations and encourage them to share their celebrations with you.

Be equally respectful to those who don’t celebrate at all.

Finally, be aware that the holidays are meant to be a time for family, friends and rejoicing. Your holiday celebration and décor should celebrate the true meaning season without detracting from it.

No matter how you celebrate this season’s holidays, or if you don’t celebrate at all, M3 Group wishes you peace, joy and prosperity. Today, and every day.