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No End in Sight – and That’s a Good Thing

As the 4thquarter comes to a close, many businesses wrap up and prepare to start a new year. They reduce prices to sell inventory and make room for new. They start new programs and efforts. Many also see a bit of respite as the busy holiday season winds down and a slower winter period begins.

But it’s a little different for an agency like ours.

What does that mean? It means the end of the year doesn’t signal a break for our publications. We’re already working laying out future issues of Greater Lansing Business Monthly and Capital Area Women’s Lifestyle Magazine.

We’re well into planning events like the upcoming Greater Lansing Business Monthly Entrepreneurial Awards. We’re excited to meet John Latella from McClure Pickles, our keynote speaker. We’re also proud to welcome Tony Willis as co-host of this year’s awards.

Then, there’s the CAWLM Lady Classic Golf Outing on our events calendar for the Fall of 2019, where work has already begun.

Our marketing staff enjoyed the holiday with their families, but they are back at work helping our clients with their #BrandForward plans for 2019. Our graphic arts, video, photography and communications departments are back; Humming like a well-oiled machine.

We really never stop. And that’s a good thing, because it means we’ve had another successful year that is blending seamlessly into the new one. For that, we are grateful. We humbly thank our clients for their patronage, our staff for their efforts, our readers for their support.

We wish all of you peace, good health and prosperity in the new year.