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Why your workspace matters

Sometimes the aesthetics around the workplace are as important as the space itself.  How does your workspace speak to you? Is it warm and inviting, cold and sterile, or hip and fun?

All of these options can work depending on your job and the end goal. But believe it or not, poor design can get in the way.

For example, walled in cubicles don’t exactly promote connectivity between staff. It can also foster lazyness.

Here in Michigan, a space without window light can leave employees lethargic. The list goes on and on.

You may not be able to move, add a new wing on to your building or take down cubicles, but there are plenty of things you can do to promote productivity, good health and a positive workplace.

Color – Consider painting your walls in a color that promotes calmness, positivity or creativity.

Make use of empty space – Have empty rooms in the building? Designate them for breaks, fun or just a different place to work so that employees can step away from their desks.

Add life – Bring in live plants, a fish tank and other decor that livens the place up.

Here at M3 Group, we’re lucky to have a large space with lots of natural light coming in. Creative colors, and lots of alternative work space to foster creativity. We call it our mini – google! Breaks here can be quiet, or our staff can work on a puzzle or take a phone call in the bean bag room. We have a small workout room, kitchen and our newly acquired foosball table proves we’re anything but dull.

This atmosphere works for our team of creatives.

What works for you?