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Thank You from (and to) the Davies Project

M3 Group recently held a book drive to benefit the Davies Project, which offers rides for families with children who have special health needs. These free rides mean fewer missed appointments and healthier kids.

In fact, according to the Davies Project, “In Greater Lansing, where 70 percent of the children who rely on the local subspecialty clinics are on Medicaid, poor transportation options contribute to a 64 percent missed appointment rate for children with serious illnesses.”

The Davies Project also extends these rides to pregnant women and for parents with a baby in the neonatal intensive care unit if no car is available.

When we told the Davies Project about our staff sponsoring a charitable venture for the holidays and asked what they needed, we were presented with the idea of books for the children. Our staff brought in new or very gently used books, and we received some support from the general public as well.

In all, M3 Group donated nearly 100 books to the Davies Project, and the gratitude from the staff there was heartwarming.

Officials from the Davies Project told us about Mary Jane, a 4-year old with leukemia who needed to start treatment right away. It was critical for Mary Jane to keep her appointments on schedule. Her grandmother wrote to the Davies Project to share her wonderful experience with the volunteer drivers who were professional and friendly.

Those stories are heard frequently when it comes to the Davies Project, as they provide a gift that has a priceless value.

“Thank you for providing more than just a ride for Mary Jane and her grandma,” said Pam Miklavcic, founder and executive director of the Davies Project “Thank you for driving change for the 250 children and families that are healthier and a little less anxious.”

But we thank YOU Davies Project, for serving the needs to so many families. Yours is the gift that should be recognized.