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With all of the high-tech methods to get an advertiser’s product noticed, an old-school method of selling a brand is having its second wind.

Billboards, according to The Hustle, are back in vogue. They are classified as “out of home” ads and make up 66 percent of the out-of-home market, which includes ads on trucks, buses, at bus stops and placards covering a wall.

The Hustle reports there are about 370,000 billboards in active operation in the U.S., with 15,000 new ones added each year.

Billboards, along with digital advertising, is growing, while other traditional media advertising is in a tailspin. Add digital capability to a billboard and you have an easily customizable form of advertising that people pay attention to. Owners of the billboards also pay attention to drivers and can adjust the message accordingly.

An official from Lamar, one of the nation’s largest billboard owners, said if a coffee shop was advertising on a digital billboard and the weather was cold, the billboard would push hot drinks. If the weather was hot, the billboard would be changed to display cold drinks.

M3 Group works with clients to get their products noticed. That includes designing billboards. If you see a billboard featuring one of Gillespie Group’s downtown projects – the Stadium District, The Outfield, Prudden Place and the Marketplace, M3 Group worked with the developer to create these stunning and compelling billboard designs. There’s even one for the 600 Project, which will bring apartments, a new hotel and an urban market to downtown Lansing.

In short, we all notice billboards as we drive in Lansing, East Lansing and the entire Greater Lansing region. If you want your product noticed just give us a call.