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The ‘Morale’ of the story

That’s not a typo. Office Morale, or lack thereof, is something all businesses should keep their radar on.

Employees who have to drag themselves to work, consider their jobs more of a chore than an achievement and show a lack of teamwork could be a sign that morale is bottoming out. There are simple ways suggested by Inc.comto boost happiness in the office without breaking the bank.

One of the biggest things that can sink morale is when employees do not feel appreciated. Take time out not to just commend a worker on a job well done, but project that appreciation for that task to the whole office. Make sure people know their efforts are appreciated and recognized.

Often fun is lacking from an office. Here at M3 Group sudden and impromptu Nerf gun battles are not out of the norm of an otherwise ordinary day of business. Have some recreational activities in the break room, like a foosball table or a jigsaw puzzle. Plan a joke contest or go out of your way to tell a funny story that will have everyone chuckling (or, at the very least, rolling their eyes). Breaking the day up with a bit of fun can do wonders for morale.

Community service leave also can-do wonders for an office. Not only will your employees get away from their desks for a few hours, they will be helping a community nonprofit with volunteer time. Go assist Habitat for Humanity with building a home one afternoon. Or go to the local animal shelter and volunteer for the morning. Establish a policy for community time and give workers a set number of hours they can use to help their communities.

A huge morale-buster is having employees get into a rut. Following a routine is sometimes necessary, but if it is the everyday sort of thing, it can drag someone’s morale down. recommends switching up lunch breaks, changing the way the office looks – on the exterior as well as the interior – and having impromptu company breaks.

Spread positivity by constantly being positive. Positive attitudes are contagious. Talk up the good work your employees are doing. Greet them with a smile as they arrive at work. Be careful not to overdo the positive outlook until it looks fake. If you are sincere, the positive attitude will spread throughout the workplace.

One last slice of advice: Listen. Nothing puts a damper on morale if employees don’t think they have a voice in the company. You can go from workspace to workspace asking employees what they think about the current workload or project. Team meetings every week, or a morning huddle every day, encourages employees to voice concerns or make suggestions that could benefit the entire office. Making the employees feel like an integral piece of the company does wonders for morale.