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Shining the Spotlight on Local Women

M3 Group is proud publisher of Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine (CAWLM). The magazine features mid-Michigan women in various profiles, including our ‘Local Woman’ column. Beyond the cover, careers for consideration, non-profit or business profiles – the local woman is someone who stands out as a woman who is inspiring in her own way.

The list of people featured in the Local Woman column runs a long and widespread gamut. 

Some of the women we featured, such as Barbara Loyer, the Turner-Dodge House program and events manager, who was in our November 2017 edition. She is among those we shine the spotlight on who tend to work primarily behind the scenes.

Or she might be someone we often see, like Lisa Ballard. She’s a greeter at L.O. Eye Care, and was the subject of a March 2018 feature. Patients know her from her work, but learned even more about her in the Local Woman column.

The subject could be someone you see often and recognize, such as Fox 47 Anchor Sarah Swistak (February 2019) or Twyla Birdsong, a local gospel and blues singer who was the subject of a February 2018 write-up.

The purpose of our Local Woman column is to bring attention to people who have an impact on our community, or maybe they have had a positive affect on one person who took the time to nominate her. The writers at CAWLM are always able to find a story behind the individual and give readers an enjoyable look into their lives, what passions drive them and why they stick in the minds of people who nominate them.

Do you have a woman you think should have her story told in the pages of Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine? Has someone been spotted performing a random act of kindness? Or perhaps they spend every workday making people feel welcome at a business. We would love to hear about them and share their stories.You can nominate them by email at