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M3 Group Fosters Community Feel Through Events

Here at M3 Group we feel more like a family than a collection of coworkers. Perhaps that’s because, as a fully integrated marketing and advertising firm, we often have graphics artists and copywriters working in tandem with  photographers, videographers and account executives to achieve a single goal.

The entire staff participates in scheduled brainstorming sessions, where we collectively seek creative solutions for our clients to provide them with the very best and newest idea to get their message to their target markets.

We also emphasize that family feeling with internal events. Take our recent potluck for example – it kind of signifies the cohesion and collaboration of our talented and diversified staff.

It was a taco potluck. Some people provided seasoned meat for filling. Another brought a scrumptious guacamole, while another employee provided spicy salsa. Some contributed shredded cheese, while others brought taco shells and tortillas.

Pretty much everything on that list would be tasty on its own, but when the ingredients were placed together in a taco shell or tortilla they became not a collection of individual foods, but rather a cohesive group of flavors that tasted complete and wonderful.

It isn’t just gastronomical collaboration that we exhibit at M3 Group. Any occasion to be creative and fun is game. Take May 4th, for example. It was “Star Wars Day” – may the fourth be with you – and as such we celebrated as a team. One member of our creative team brought in several masks he had picked up on his way into work – some were very “Star Wars” specific, while others were … well, not so much, but still fun. Light sabers were present throughout the day as well.

And now M3 Group has a coed softball team participating in Lansing leagues. Enthusiasm for the team was high even before the first pitch had been thrown in competitive play. The one team practice yielded three participants, but it was still an example of teamwork, as are the discussions of who will play at what position.  At the first game, every team member showed up ready to play. The outcome of the game was not as desired, but the team-building make everyone involved a winner.  Those of us who are not taking part on the field will likely be perched somewhere beside the diamond rooting our teammates on.

That’s the type of collaboration M3 Group practices both on the field and during our brainstorm sessions in conference rooms. It’s that teamwork that enables us to develop a plan that hits it out of the park for our clients.