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Making the most of Marketing Trends

Everyone is keen to jump on the latest trends to market their business. Many are game-changers. Some are costly. But is it worth it? Oftentimes, you really get what you pay for. The key is to do your research – or let a knowledgeable marketing firm do the work for you.

Social Media 

A now long-running trend, social media can be a huge boost to your business. But in this case, you do have to spend money to see results unless you are lucky enough to have the kind of business that attracts followers organically. Use tools available in Facebook to target your ad dollars to a specific group. If you are seeking the attention of other businesses – consider LinkedIn as a “business to business” approach. New reports state that if your employees post about your business on LinkedIn, the chances of getting your message out are greatly increased. Incentivize your staff to share your business message.

Artificial Intelligence

Many marketers are currently making use of technology that will allow them to pull data from several sources. This data is used for reporting information, which is then used to create marketing plans and to gauge their success. It is also used in decision-making, optimization and goal setting. Look into different software and service providers, read reviews, and do your research into which best fits your operation. 

Integrated Marking

You can’t really have too many cooks in the marketing kitchen. It takes a savvy team to integrate marketing across multiple platforms. The key to this recipe is consistency across those platforms – adapting to the readers on each but keeping the message the same at its core.


Essentially, geofencing creates a virtual perimeter around a location that allows a business to target a specific group with a specific message. Ads can be served to a group while at a specific location and for quite some time after. 

There are countless other trending options for clients to utilize, but it is important not to forget that face-to-face interaction and a human touch are just as important as all the grandest tools in the kit. In a very digital world, the human connection can be an important key to success. More than a trend, it keeps relationships cultivated and communication at its best.

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