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The Value of a Brand

Good brands have purpose and promise.

Great brands forge a bond with users on a pure and emotional level.

Beyond an eye-catching logo or a snappy and memorable tagline, great brands build a lifelong and unbreakable emotional relationship with customers.

“It’s what people experience when they see your logo or they see your information,” said Tiffany Dowling, president and CEO of M3 Group. “It’s a feeling, and it’s a whole range of things your brand inspires inside of them when they see it.”

When explaining the importance of a brand and how it can continue to resonate over the decades, Dowling often uses the example of walking down the cereal aisle in the supermarket.

“There are a lot of emotions that come up. When I was growing up, we always had Wheaties and Cheerios and Raisin Bran — none of the fun stuff,” Dowling said with a laugh. “But I feel really nostalgic about those cereals when I see them even though I don’t eat them anymore. It’s an emotional response.”

Brands that serve their purpose stand out from the pack, build trust and consumer loyalty by having a clearly stated purpose, and nurture credibility and authenticity by delivering on promises — all of which, in turn, can open new avenues of revenue.

“Brand awareness is understanding what product or service is offered, which is the first of many steps involved in creating attitudes toward a brand —  how someone feels about that product or service when they see it,” Dowling said. “When you’ve spent the time maintaining awareness and building those warm, positive attitudes about your brand with a targeted audience, there is less of a need for call-to-action strategy because people already understand and know what they’ll experience — they begin to just automatically reach for your brand because it provides comfort.”

The easiest way to build a brand is by communicating a clear and consistent message, Dowling said, noting that consistency over time equals results. A website and social media platforms can assist in building brand awareness but nurturing those relationships through a funnel of enriching and engaging brand storytelling that is distributed through your own channels and also through the media and other outlets solidifies the brand experience because the you’ve invested in relationship and trust building.

“The key is to deliver a powerfully crafted narrative,” Dowling said.

“Once you figure out what people need to know and understand about your product or service, it’s easier to craft a consistent message, which helps increase your brand awareness, perceptions of your brand and its values, and your brand’s overall stickiness,” she added. “If you’re not being consistent in how telling your brand’s story, your brand can become fractured.”

Having a fractured brand can diminish how a brand is perceived and diminish consumers’ experience with your brand.

“Branding is not rocket science. It’s just a way of doing things so that you are top of mind, maximizing awareness and building enduring customer relationships,” Dowling said.

About M3 Group

Founded in Lansing more than 11 years ago by Dowling, M3 Group prides itself on being the only local agency that offers the most comprehensive array of integrated branding, marketing and advertising services in the mid-Michigan region.

M3 Group has grown into one of the largest and most respected agencies in the area. For more than a decade, M3 Group has built and refined strong brands through integrated marketing strategies that keep the client’s goals and its bottom line in mind. M3 Group’s award-winning staff works across traditional and nontraditional platforms, offering an array of market research and consulting, media planning and buying, website development, social and digital media marketing, public relations and promotions, video and audio production, corporate brand development, and graphic design.

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