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The Power of Geofencing

Enable potential customers to circle back to your business

Have you ever felt like your phone or mobile device might be watching you? You leave a shop you’ve never been to before and suddenly everywhere you look online are advertisements for that store or one like it? You start researching new fitness trends and suddenly there are local gyms asking you to sign up now. These are just a few examples of ways you as a consumer have experienced the digital magic that is geofencing and retargeting.
Geofencing and retargeting are proven methods of connecting with customers who have shown they may be interested in or have visited your business or a competitor. Idea Applications and M3 Group know the secrets behind these applications and work directly with businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes to help them reach their desired target audiences more easily, effectively and accurately.

Geofencing helps businesses connect directly to consumers based on their location. Imagine taking out a map and drawing a circle around the circumference of your business. With geofencing, anyone that walks within the borders you’ve just created will then receive advertisements relevant to your business and their interactions with it. If you didn’t make a sale while those customers were visiting, you might now have a second chance. Either way, customers that now receive your advertisement will less likely to forget your brand and continue interacting with it digitally for a period of time after entering your determined radius.
Geofencing can be extremely helpful for businesses looking to generate new leads, promote exclusive offers, distribute information about upcoming sales or events and so much more. Geofencing enables your business to reach an audience of potential customers based on where they have been. Whatever your message might be, geofencing allows you to reach an audience of real-world people who are already in the proximity of your brand and who could eventually become loyal, valued customers with the right information while they are there.

“Geofencing is digital advertising tactic that allows us to find a desired group of prospects for your business, deliver ads to them, and provide businesses with the ability to track the success of converting prospects into customers,” said Dave Hodges, Idea Applications owner.

Geofencing isn’t limited to targeting areas surrounding your business. Let’s say you’ve identified a target audience or, better yet, a well-researched buyer persona that suggests you should be speaking to individuals with a specific household income, or that live in a specific region.

By loading specific details of a target customer your able to narrow down to certain age, sex, income level, previous purchase history, credit scores, household with kids, previous voting history, brand preferences, and more. This is addressable geofencing, and it’s a technology that helps organizations curate lists of households and to target the right prospect in their own homes, up-to a million at a time!

Geofencing Advantages
Geofencing provides many advantages that traditional advertising methods do not. While an integrated owned, earned and paid channels strategy is the best way to reach all of your potential target audiences, incorporating geofencing into your strategy can provide you with a leg up on the competition.

“Geofencing allows you to target very specific groups of potential customers and show them the ads that really speak to their problems and their interests in their language. This is much more effective than a generic ad that goes to all prospects,” said Hodges. “This provides information that’s tailored to specific needs and interests, almost to the individual level. When combining this targeting with the tracking capabilities of digital advertising we’re then able to provide a better answer to the age-old question: is my advertising working?”

Geofences create opportunities for you to connect with potential customers your brand’s reputation amongst new audiences that you might have never previously assumed would have interest in your organization.

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