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Five Reasons Your Business Can’t Live Without a Website

Your business needs a killer website. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it—if you want your business to be taken seriously, to grow and to thrive, you need an amazing website.

We hear many reasons why businesses don’t believe they need a website. Many businesses and organizations say they don’t currently have one because: A) it’s too pricey, B) they feel like a website is irrelevant in their industry or, C) because they have social media like a Facebook page or Instagram account, and a social media presence is a good surrogate for a website. Maybe it’s all three.

The fact of the matter is, according to Go-Gulf’s The Importance of Local Search Engine Marketing Statistics and Trends, 97% of consumers go online to find products or services. They aren’t looking for social media accounts. They are looking for a website that helps them find the information they need to move along in their decision-making cycle. That means if you don’t have a website, you are probably missing out on a lot of potential customers’ eyeballs, hearts and minds.

Are you sold yet?

We believe you will be by the end of this post. Here are the five top reasons you need a website ASAP:

Increases Competitiveness

Whenever I need to find a restaurant, mechanic or hair salon, the first thing I do is turn to Google. Millions of people around the world use Google or some other search engine to find businesses, and 72% of consumers that searched for a local company visited a store within five miles, according to HubSpot.

That knowledge, combined with the fact that just under two-thirds of small business don’t have websites, according to TDA, should tell you that you have a great opportunity to increase your visibility and competitiveness with a great website.

If your competitors don’t have websites, that is reason to have one—not a reason to not have one. Don’t follow the status quo. Position your business to be successful. No matter the industry or product category, your customers are out there on their mobile devices looking for information. If you’re the only one putting it out there, you’ll be looked to as an industry leader.

Another way to increase competitiveness is through search engine optimization. By ensuring your new website content is written with SEO in mind, you have the ability to bring in more qualified leads. SEO can even help you beat out bigger businesses. If you use the right keywords on your website, you can appear higher in search engine results than the business giants or discover niche markets that can pull customers away from bigger stores.
Finally, since we know most people are looking for your business online, we can be sure that a Facebook page or some other social media account won’t be enough on its own. Google and other search engines don’t pull up social media accounts in the search unless people specifically type in your business name. This limits your business from being discovered by new customers who are searching for local solutions using product-category specific keywords. A good website will introduce thousands of potential customers to your brand.

Social Media is Not Enough

Speaking of social media, it can be one of your greatest tools in interacting with customers and showing who your company truly is. Unfortunately, with the new algorithms on most social media platforms, post reach is more limited than ever before for most businesses. To reach new potential customers, most businesses have to pay to increase their Facebook posts’ visibility, even to the people who have liked and followed their brand.

If you already have a large, interactive following on social media, that’s great, but you are still missing out on reaching new audiences (interactive is the key – we can touch on this in a future post). This is a big reason you need a website in addition to strong social media.

You also should keep in mind that even if you choose to pay to increase your post visibility or your customers are actively sharing your content, not all of your potential customers are on social.
Finally, while social media comes and goes—a website’s lifespan in your control. What happens if we all wake up tomorrow and Facebook is gone? You have no way to save your content, no way to know who your customers were, and you’ll have to start all over. This is a terrible waste of your time, and it’s a scary thought. Make it easy on yourself and get a website.

Builds Credibility

In today’s world of fake news, phishing schemes and scams, it is crucial that your business is seen as credible. One way to help build credibility is through a website. People question whether a business is real or good to work with if it doesn’t have a website to back it.
You can use your website to build credibility by sharing your background and qualifications, case studies and industry knowledge. A blog is a smart way to bring added value to your website and position your company as an industry leader and expert.

Provides Easy Access to Information

There’s nothing more frustrating than needing to find information quickly and not being able to find it. A website gives your customers quick access to all their questions about your company. You can include store hours, location, contact information, FAQs, news/blogs and background information on your store in an esthetically pleasing, easy-to-navigate format. This is a huge advantage over competition.

Fosters Customer Relations

A website allows a business to communicate with clients 24/7. Although you may not be personally sitting at a computer responding to their questions, they can access the site at any time to find answers to questions and information on the company. You can share your company’s values, experience, advice and more.

Another feature that encourages customer communication is having a chatbot. Even if it is outside of business hours, customers can ask specific questions and get answers through a chatbot.

Adding rich content like videos and infographics also engages customers. They will stay on your website longer and begin to see your company not just as a place to purchase goods or services, but also as a place that cares about them and is interested in addressing their unique needs and wants.

A website is absolutely necessary for a business to reach its full potential. We at M3 Group recommend websites for our clients not because we design them—we truly believe in the power of a great website. If you’re interested in building the right website to grow your business or organization, we have a seasoned team of website professionals to help. We’d love to partner with you to build a beautiful website that increase leads, completes conversions and positions you to always have your best foot forward. If you are interested in taking your brand to the next level, give us a call.