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M3 Group Refocused and Realigned

When you work in an industry so focused on strengthening the consumer-facing brand, image and reputation of the client, sometimes that comes at the unfortunate neglect of your own brand.

Few employers were spared from a hit in workflow when the coronavirus pandemic essentially shut down our state; however, simply because of the nature of the business we are in, we fully understand that no crisis is absent opportunity. Over the past months, M3 Group has used the slowdown to our advantage by solidifying our mission and sharpening the intent behind our purpose.

Welcome to the new M3 Group.

In our fall strategy session last year, M3 Group began looking at how agencies could evolve and began to flesh out ideas and concepts that would eventually serve as a road map to creating an agency of the future. We studied the changing attitudes and opinions of consumers and how they consume, and we discussed how those shifts would translate into the changing needs of our clients.

The closures and quarantines provided the opportunity to begin implementing these new strategies and kept us focused and goal oriented. We were able to evaluate all of our tools, skills and products as well as how we work as a team, and we were able to restructure our agency’s hierarchy in a way that will deliver the gold standard to our clients.

The new M3 Method is elevated by three pillars of practice. In our Magnify phase, we take a deep dive into the client, the competitors and the customers to develop a clear picture of objectives. The Motivate phase is where our true creative talents come to the forefront in crafting the ideal integrated plan to meet goals and surpass benchmarks. In the Mobilize phase, we implement our strategic tactics, analyze results and fine-tune the execution based upon the information driven by the data.

That is our Power of Three. We have always been M3, but now we are shining a light on the identity and a definition of the three M’s that allow our entire team the freedom to make the best use of their individual expertise.

If we’re not moving the needle, we’re not doing our jobs. Our rebrand reflects the new M3 Group culture. We are a high-energy, creative, problem-solving agency. Explore who we are and how our improved process and practices can work for you by visiting