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When Sales is More than a Transaction

It’s been said that working in sales isn’t something anyone can learn; it has to be a skill and talent that you’re born to do.

There is no secret or trick to closing the deal and being a successful salesperson, according to Megan Fleming, client strategist for M3 Group. It comes down to a simple matter of putting in the work and becoming personally invested in the success of the client, she added.

“The reason I’ve done well and why I’m still in sales is because you get to solve a company’s problems,” Fleming said. “Regardless of what you’re selling, if you have the ability to listen to your client and sometimes read between the lines for the issues they’re experiencing or the shortfalls that they’re having, you can diagnose what the problem is and make a suggestion that is going to be beneficial.”

Fleming has been with M3 Group since 2015. Her entry into the sales world came through a college internship with a Detroit outdoor advertising agency where she provided account management and support to the sales staff. The experience clicked and Fleming said she found her calling.

The unique aspect about sales in branding and marketing is that instead of just selling a product, you’re really selling opportunity, Fleming noted.

“At the end of the day — specifically with what we sell — if you’re doing their advertising right, they’re not paying for it. If you’re doing it right, they’re going to be seeing return on investment that is going to be paying for it entirely,” Fleming said. “My sales approach may be kind of different from other people, but if you’ve listened to what they were stating and you’ve properly diagnosed and made suggestions to move forward, they should say yes.

“I have a good grasp of the services we offer at M3 Group, so it comes down to giving them an opportunity to talk,” she added. “It’s very important to listen and understand what their problems are and take in everything they say.”

Bringing a new client on board goes beyond doing the work that’s expected of you because it comes with an excitement in the knowledge that you’re going to be helping them, Fleming said. And the best way you know that you’ve helped them succeed and meet their goals is when they refer your services to others.

“I know we’re doing good work when they’re suggesting us for their friends,” Fleming said. “I like my clients to do well. I’m very personally invested in all of my people. A couple of my advertisers have invited me over and we’ve done things outside of work. I like the relationship building. It’s more than just a transaction.”

In addition to Fleming, the client strategist team at M3 Group includes Chief Media and Client Strategist Jennifer Hodges, Liz Reno-Hayes and Melissa DeMott. Their combined decades of experience and expertise have elevated countless regional, statewide, national and international brands. To see how they can help you move your brand forward, call (517) 203-3333.