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Making the Most of Social Media

About 80% of people in the U.S. use social media,1 which means huge opportunities for organizations to connect with clients and prospective clients. But fleeting attention spans and competing messages from other organizations can make it hard to stand out. Use these tips to improve engagement and expand your reach by cutting through the noise.

  1. Know your audience.

Taking the time to understand your audience on each social media channel is critical. You might find that investors or decision-makers are more likely to follow your company on LinkedIn, while Instagram might offer a better opportunity to market a new product or service. Also keep in mind that demographic information — like age, gender and income level — vary by platform. Once you have defined your audience, carefully consider what type of content will be most relevant to them.

  1. Keep it brief.

Images and videos are more eye-catching than a block of text. Keep your copy brief, easy to read and conversational. Add a call to action or link to more information to encourage people to continue engaging with your content after seeing your post.

  1. Make it easy to share.

Your post will reach more people if a reader decides to share it. But if they do, it’s important that the context of your message remains intact and easy to understand. If that user’s followers haven’t previously seen your content, they should be able to quickly understand your post, even if they know nothing about your organization.

  1. Include hashtags.

Create a hashtag by putting the # symbol before a word or short phrase (without spaces or punctuation). Hashtags give users the ability to see posts about specific topics. Before choosing a hashtag to include in your post, do a quick search online to find commonly used hashtags for your topic. This way, your post becomes more visible to users following certain topics who might not have otherwise seen your content.

  1. Include tags to expand your audience.

If you recently partnered with another organization or a public figure, for example, tag them in your post. Doing so will create a link and display your post on their page as well. If they are also posting about your partnership, encourage them to tag your organization to help drive traffic your way, too.

Social media has permeated our daily lives. It’s crucial to optimize your content to reach more people and keep them engaging with your brand.




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