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Understanding Social Media Part One: Facebook

With over 1.62 billion users, 74% of whom are high-income earners who check their accounts up to 15 times a day, it’s easy to see why a business would pin its hopes on Facebook as its main avenue for talking to customers.

Yet there’s something to be aware of — people primarily use Facebook to connect with friends and family. As a business, they may just scroll on by.

According to an AudienceProject poll, just 17% of users use the platform to follow brands and companies.

Because people do tend to use Facebook as a modern-day Yellow Pages, it’s not a bad idea to have a page and a presence on Facebook with your address, phone number and some regular content.

But if you’re going to win and engage customers on Facebook, you’re going to have to invest the time and the money.

Here are just a few things you should know:

  • Content engagement is key. Impressions on earned and paid posts are very low in scoring priority in Facebook’s current algorithm. Likes, comments and shares are key.
  • Commenting is now favored over “liking” or sharing in Facebook’s current news feed algorithm.
  • Even in business-to-business social media marketing, you can — and should — share curated content. It is a relationship-building tool, and consumers perceive brands that share curated content as less “salesy” than ones that only share their own content.
  • Facebook’s newest algorithm will benefit publishers that deliver content their users engage with.
  • Use rich media as often as possible. Rich media includes short video and nonstock photo images. People are more likely to notice and engage with rich media.
  • Facebook’s news feed algorithm favors video over text updates. More video equals more engagement.

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