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Understanding Social Media Part Three: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a business-to-business social media platform with over 30 million companies using it.

More than 80% of users say they are active on the platform to learn more about their industry/business through peer-to-peer interactions and content sharing. It’s also a simple platform to use to connect with potential customers as well as users who share your ideals.

Those users will increase your network and your business reach.

Users also heavily use LinkedIn for job searching and sharing company information with their prospective employees.

For businesses, the platform also allows you to create a sense of community through meaningful connections and conversations.

Here are just a few best practices for using LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn content should be educational and informative versus promotional in nature.
  • Engage with people who engage with your content.
  • Create groups and participate in groups.
  • Use Showcase Pages to segment content that is most interesting for a specific audience.
  • Whenever possible, use rich media (a photo or video) as a cover for content you’re linking to on your website.
  • LinkedIn posts/updates with links generate 45% more engagement than posts without links. Use links.
  • Post to LinkedIn at least three to five times per week Mondays through Fridays.

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