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Understanding Social Media Part Four: Twitter

Ah, Twitter. To use it or not to use it. That is the question.

After LinkedIn, Twitter is the second most popular social media platform among business-to-business marketers. After all, more than 166 million users are active on Twitter each day, including a mix of your everyday people, organizations and advertisers.

Much like other platforms, Twitter can be a good way to reach your audiences. But you have to weigh the pros and cons of using the platform. Will your return on investment be worth the time put into building a following, producing content and interacting? Will your time be better spent on another social media platform?

Using Twitter can benefit you if you are hoping to identify and interact with key people in like-minded organizations or create brand awareness. You can even position your company as a thought leader by producing useful content, answering questions and discussing topics in your industry. But as with other platforms, unless you can put the time and effort into the account, it may fall flat.

Here are just a few best practices for using Twitter:

  • Post five to 15 times on Twitter during the work week, and spend extra time interacting with audiences and responding to industry conversations.
  • Spend six to 11-plus hours on social media each work week.
  • Share information in short-form, compelling ways, like giving a shoutout to a blog, e-book or other content.
  • Include industry-related hashtags.

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