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Incorporating Content Marketing into Your PR Strategy

Successful businesses incorporate content marketing into their public relations strategies. But what is content marketing, you ask, and why is it important?


What is it?

Content marketing involves the creation and sharing of online materials like videos, blogs, webinars or social media posts that don’t explicitly promote a brand but are intended to garner interest in its products or services.

It’s a chance to tell stories that allow your audience to trust your brand and have an emotional connection with it. It’s being vulnerable, sharing information and earning credibility.


A Facebook post by a restaurant that shares caloric information for its salads.

A video tour through a production facility to show how a product is made.

A blog by a technology company that offers the top five ways to prevent identity theft.


How it works:

Here’s an example. Shannon’s air-conditioning system is making a funny noise. She gets on her computer and does an internet search for air-conditioning problems and finds your blog post “Top 5 ways to troubleshoot HVAC problems.”  She thinks she’s found the answer and knows she needs service. She appreciates your blog and has developed trust in your company — and after browsing your website, she determines you seem like the expert and calls you.

Another example? Greg was thinking about buying a house. A friend on Facebook shared a real estate agent’s post of two happy homeowners holding a sold sign in front of their new home. He connects with it emotionally, whether he knows it or not, and then peeks at the agent’s Facebook page. After a little scrolling and researching, he has built trust in the agent and reaches out to discuss selling.


Why is content marketing so important?

You want to be positioned as the leader in your industry — the go-to for clear answers. Content marketing allows you to connect, improve conversions and generate leads. Quality content marketing builds brand awareness and is targeted to attract your ideal customer or client. It makes you the expert in your field and the first place your audience will go to when they have a need specific to your brand.


Why use an agency to help you with content marketing?

Agencies will take a deep dive into your company, doing the work it takes to understand your target audience and what it will take to connect with them. A long-term strategy is then developed and put into motion using a team of researchers, content creators and graphic designers who will work together on a marketing plan that will work for you. An agency can provide you with the plan and collateral, or it can follow through by posting the content for you and monitoring its efficiency.

Working through an agency will allow you to spend time where you are needed — be it in the boardroom or on the beach — and know your company is in good hands.