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5 Ways to Improve your Photos for Social Media

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, what is it saying about your brand? Creative content on Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels involves the use of lots of images. For your brand to stand out on social media sites, you need to have an eye on every detail.

Not everyone has mastered using a digital camera. It can take real skill to get an epic shot or video for professional marketing content. But it doesn’t mean you can’t use the tools you have close by for some of your everyday social media posts.

Here are five pointers for taking great photos for social media with your cellphone or that office digital camera in auto mode.

  1. Let there be light. It’s the key to a bright, more professional looking image. So have your subject face the light source you’ve chosen. If your image is too bright, have them take a step back. Too dark? Bring it/them closer. Going outside? Embrace the clouds — diffused natural light is sheer perfection. No natural light available? Invest in a ring light.
  2. The little details count. Wipe your lens off with a microfiber cloth to remove smudges and get a clearer image. Consider a tripod. Yes, even for your cellphone.
  3. Try different angles. To make your photos stand out, attempt shooting from high, low or even from the side. Take photos from lots of perspectives, and you’ll find some very creative options.
  4. Don’t zoom in, crop! Zooming in too much will give you lots of grain. Instead, take your photo of choice and then crop in to make the frame look the way you want. You can even try to crop in a way that gives a little negative space, i.e., the rule of thirds.
  5. Don’t over edit or use crazy filters. Sometimes less is more. Your photos simply need to be clear, bright and in focus.

Master the basics to get an understanding of photography in general, and then graduate to using flash, studio lighting and that DSLR set in manual so that you can control every aspect of your image.

If your brand needs more professional photos, M3 Group’s creatives can help. Reach out at