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Turn Email Marketing into a Well-Oiled Lead Machine

Email marketing is the use of email to develop relationships with existing and potential customers and clients.


This is done through marketing automation systems big and small, from Mailchimp or SharpSpring to Pardot or Marketo.


Often a business or brand will try to win over all people with all things. The mindset is: “If I send this marketing email with all these offerings to 5,000 people, I’ll gain X amount of new business.” There is often fear in missing a potential “big one” and joy in seeing vanity metrics. Plus, it feels easier to just blast that message on out to everyone in your database.


Sure, that could work, but it’s certainly not a permanent solution to a continuous flow of new and return business. You may think you are gaining customers or clients, but you could actually be losing some valuable future customers along the way by sending information they don’t really want or need to see.


Repeat after us: Everyone is not your customer.


You’ve got to define your audiences as well as what their needs and interests are, then nurture specific relationships to sustain them. You can do this with email nurturing.


Email nurturing allows strategic targeting of stage-specific content to segmented audiences.


For example, Jill and other like-minded clients might not need all of your products or services. But they may need just one. You risk losing Jill and company with potentially annoying emails about products or services they don’t care about.


By understanding who Jill is, you’ll be able to target that one product to her and others like her based on what you’ve learned about her through the power of nurturing.


Through email nurturing, you can set delivery of timed and targeted information, based on prospect behavior, that will help steer that prospect down a sales funnel and into your pipeline.


By respecting the buyer’s journey when planning content development and delivery, such as with the funnel below, you will be able to effectively raise awareness to a problem, align as a solution, and hit a home run with more technical resources and references, leading a prospect up to the magical stage of transitioning them to an opportunity.

Once you’ve defined your audience, buyer’s journey and content, you deploy your eye-catching, targeted emails through your talented team of digital experts, communications specialists and graphic designers.


If you send 5,000 emails to Jill’s group of like-minded individuals, you’ll quickly get a feel for who is interested and who is not. While the final stages of an email nurture will have far less recipients, the metrics will go up exponentially, to open rates in the 60% to 80% range. This is the power in sending the right message to the right person at the right time — a pool of warm, marketing qualified leads ready to convert into sales.


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