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My Favorite Brand: UGG

By Tiffany Dowling

Ugh, I love UGG.

Even when I was young, I had an affinity for brands. I was a loyalist. When my mom said she would purchase the soda on sale each week, I couldn’t understand why she thought the two most popular soda brands were the same. Obviously not. As I aged, I spent time understanding brands: Why do I like them, what makes them interesting, do they make me feel something and do they take a stand in the world?

UGG is special to me because it had to work really hard at winning me over. When the boots initially made it on the scene, I looked at them and immediately cringed recalling the days of Moon Boots. Remember those? They were big and clunky and made our feet look ginormous. I wasn’t a fan. My feet were already big. It wasn’t until I was able to try one on that I began to see it differently. There was something about the comfort of sliding my toes into the cushy pull-on boot that erased all my fashion concerns. It wasn’t only the comfort, but it was also convenience. I didn’t need socks. They were the most comfortable boots I’d ever worn. And you could get them in multiple colors and heights, making it easy to fit into any casual fashion choice.

UGG isn’t an inexpensive purchase. It’s definitely a splurge to have a new pair of UGG boots, slippers, robe, etc. However, I would argue that if you take care of the items, they last forever. In fact, I have a standing ritual that I spray my UGGs every year in order to preserve the integrity of the boots. I still own my very first pair of tan UGGs. Obviously, I adore this brand for other reasons.

UGG hasn’t let me down. It is creative and growing as a brand almost in line with my needs. (Check out the amazing UGG comforters.) It celebrates freedom of expression and loves to tell stories associated with the people who love the brand. I also believe in these things. As a magazine publisher and a creative agency owner, it’s my mission to share stories that inspire and provide an outlet for brand expression. It’s nice to follow a brand that believes in doing business by respecting people and the planet.

I like to be authentic in my navigation of the world. So does UGG — one step at a time.