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Putting the ‘Pro’ in Proactive PR

In public relations there are two common strategies: proactive PR and reactive PR. Proactive PR is generally what comes to mind for many when they think of public relations. It typically involves getting the word out and focusing on the positive aspects of an organization or company. Reactive PR is the shoe on the other foot, focusing on “reacting” to a negative situation or news.

Here are some benefits of proactive PR:

It allows you to control your message.

  • With the proactive strategy you are able to take initiative, shape your own narrative and tell the story you want to tell.

You are able to keep costs low.

  • Public relations generally costs nothing; however, in a reactive situation, you may be forced to spend money on advertisements, social media boosts or other paid media to ensure your message is heard. With proactive PR, you can examine the situation and take your time connecting with media to extend your reach as media coverage remains free of cost.

It increases your brand’s credibility.

  • When you are using public relations instead of an advertisement, you typically look more credible in the public eye. The public is more likely to respond positively to something written by the media discussing your brand as opposed to an advertisement they know was paid for by your company.

Overall, all public relations strategies are a great solution for any business, organization or company looking for good publicity. Learn how we at M3 Group can help your brand at today.