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The Power of Video Animation

Motion captivates us. Visuals provide food for the eyes. They prompt the immediate emotional response that text cannot, and they can encapsulate a complex story in a matter of seconds that would take paragraphs of words to convey. It’s not too hard to see why video is so popular these days. Video is an easy-to-digest format that gives our eyes a rest from the overabundance of textual information online — especially these days.

Video is a versatile and engaging content format that not only gives us a picture of what is going on, it’s also easy to share across multiple platforms. Consumers like it because it’s easy to digest, entertaining and engaging; and marketers like it because it can give a potentially huge return on investment through many channels.

And when speaking of video, video animation in particular has an additional rare beauty in its simple limitlessness.

It can remain ungrounded by the restraints, codes and conventions of live-action video, which can take the viewer to new places and allow them to visualize new concepts.

There’s a reason “The Simpsons” has been on the air for more than three decades and now holds the dual titles of the longest-running prime-time scripted show in the United States as well as the longest running animated series in history. Aside from the slapstick-and-satire combo that appeals to viewers from ages 7 to 70, cartoons just boost people’s moods and well-being, according to Psychology Today.

But that’s just part of the many reasons why incorporating video animation to grow your brand or business and benefit your bottom line.

  • Animation can bring any idea to life.

Defy physics, avoid cost-prohibitive pitfalls of large or elaborate sets and special effects, and save money on aspirin from dealing with the pay and personalities of actors. Animation is a method of storytelling that can take you int the far reaches of space or down to the microscopic level, whether that story is an infographic, a 15-second short or a 10-minute explainer video.

  • Animation explains complex concepts is an easy-to-understand way.

Animation omits excessive verbiage and distills and idea into a visual that connects by showing the viewer movement and change. As eloquently put by the Australian firm Explanimate: “Animation is a great simplifier. Not to confuse simple with simplistic — making something simplistic is to underestimate the intelligence of the audience, but making something simple, something easy to understand, is an art. Icons and graphics are used to represent larger ideas very quickly, because coded visuals give our brains the information it needs based on context. A lightbulb flickering on means energy. A lightbulb above a head means an idea. A lightbulb fizzing out means our character hasn’t paid the electricity bill.”

  • Animation educates and engages through entertainment.

Animation uses emotions to express ideas and learn new things. It’s why more and more schools are leaning into the multimedia platform to better engage with students. As explained in an essay by teacher and technology integration specialist Michael Hilkemeijer: “Have you ever wondered why children learn particular habits, some good some bad, from cartoons? It is because of the same reason why students learn a lot more from a teacher who moves around, keeps the class attentive by using interactive techniques and demonstrating something. Such a technique involves utilizing most of the senses of students. It is the same effect with banners because they contain moving objects (Geert, 2009). Animation is ‘beneficial to learning especially when the learning material demands visual movement’ (Rias & Zaman, 2011, p. 582).”

  • Animation can boost your search engine optimization.

Because animation both attracts and engages, it can actually improve your website’s SEO because Google’s algorithm for search rankings takes into account the amount of time visitors remain on your site. “Just like people, Google also loves animated video content,” according to “Including animated videos on your website is an excellent way to improve your SEO and can help your business to rank higher on Google searches. This makes you more visible and accessible to potential clients.”

Animation has been around for a long time. Britannica lists history’s first recorded animator as Pygmalion, a sculptor from Greek mythology who created a figure of a woman so perfect that he fell in love with her and begged Venus to bring her to life. And if “The Simpsons” has taught us anything (besides the art of the prank phone call), it’s that animation isn’t going away anytime soon.

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