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The Heart of Design: M3 Group’s Holiday Cards and Gifts

In our most recent blog, we introduced you to M3 Group’s 2022 holiday cards. The original intent of assigning creation of a holiday card design to each of our creative visionaries was to provide a friendly competition. In the end, we planned to choose just one card to print and mail to our clients.

Things took a turn when we saw the final projects and loved them all so much that we wanted to share them all. This was a fun project for the designers because it had no limits. We were our own client. What we loved most were the unique approaches and reasoning by each individual creator. It really felt like we were taking a look inside the heart and soul of each designer when we saw the finished products.



Our second opportunity for creativity came with the holiday  gifts for our clients. Yes, we love a good promotional product or bottle of wine — but when it comes to the holidays, we felt creating our own customized gift would have more impact and meaning.

M3ers Shelley Davis Boyd and Kathryn Aspin put their heads together to create a branded gift jar to fill with on-brand-colored candy. They brought their Cricut machines to the office and lovingly crafted and weeded our logo onto each jar.

Their excitement was palpable as they created together — and that’s when you know you have a great product. As simple as Cricut crafting was to them, it was evident that they were putting love into the work.



But truthfully, that’s the feeling we target with every project we take on, no matter how big or small. We want to have that satisfaction and joy in both the process and the result.

The final piece of the project included resizing and reshaping our holiday cards into gift tags that, once again, showcased the artistry that went into each one. When they attached them to each jar, they had that warm, fuzzy satisfaction that comes with a job well done.



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