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Making Meaningful Connections with Media Roundtables

A roundtable discussion is getting a group of people gathered in one spot to discuss a topic and get everyone on the same page.

Media roundtables can be done for multiple purposes. Here are just two examples.

  • One, a simple introduction to local media to introduce yourself as point of contact, describe what your company does and discuss what clients you work with. Media may have stories that become more relevant with your clients’ expert advice.
    • This is also a great opportunity to ask your media representatives how you can help them — many are dealing with staff shortages and other obstacles that prevent them from attending your press conferences, events, sharing your media alerts, etc. Would supplying your own b-roll be helpful? How do they decide which stories make the news? Forming a relationship with media partners and connecting them with your clients as experts in their fields is a win-win for both the outlet and your firm.
  • Two, an introduction to a brand-new business, development or an educational objective.
    • Whether there is a huge new development to talk about or an impactful campaign you think they would benefit from knowing about, a roundtable is your opportunity to gather a group to educate them on a single topic and allow them to ask questions that will allow them a better understanding — giving your brand more opportunity for connection and coverage.

Media roundtables can take on their own distinct personalities. You can hold them with multiple outlets or with one outlet at a time. They can be held in the workplace or a more enticing location to draw interest in your event.

The opportunities created by forging a stronger relationship with your media contacts are endless and demonstrated by earned media and even strategic collaborations.

If you’d like help with a strategy that will get you media results, reach out to us. Send an email to info@m3group.biz.

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