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Clicks to Conversions: Understanding Digital Advertising

As an agency that publishes a print magazine, we stand by our belief that print is a highly trusted form of advertising for your business or brand that gets results. But we also live in a digital world — and, according to Statistica, as of January 2023 there are 5.15 billion active internet users around the world, and 4.76 billion social media users.

There are multiple ways you can leverage digital advertising. On a local level, you can take advantage of digital display advertising, also referred to as banner ads like the ones you see on our publication’s website at These are local businesses that target local customers, our magazine readers, at cost efficient rates. Or, you can target customers from a larger area, even nationally, through websites with a larger audience or an extremely specific demographic.

But online advertising, also known as digital marketing or paid media, can also promote brands and services through countless apps, social media pages, search engine marketing and email marketing, to name a few. When a user clicks on any of these forms of digital ads, the goal is to get them to become conversions. Meaning they take whatever action you’ve defined, e.g., they set an appointment, purchase a product, download your e-book or white paper, share with a friend, or simply ask for more information.

Every digital advertising campaign should start with the discovery. What is the company’s goal and target demographic? What persona are they speaking to through advertising? Should they segment to tighter groups with very specific buying needs or would they simply like to cast a wider web?

The next step is motivating by developing the messaging as defined in our Magnify phase. We design visual campaigns, write copy and create marketing plans.

Finally, we execute each plan in our Mobilize phase and report the results, keeping a watchful eye on how the implementation is going and relaying any changes or improvements.

As with any form of advertising, repetition is key. Depending on the product, conversions can take days, weeks or months. Not every ad leads to a rapid conversion, but it doesn’t mean the user won’t remember you when they need to.

Having a knowledgeable team on your side can make the difference. If you’d like to discuss digital advertising, please reach out to us at