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M3’s Pod Structure Provides Consistency, Continuity for Clients

At M3 Group, we pride ourselves on being pod people.

No, we aren’t the plant-like extraterrestrial parasites that inhabit humans from the horror classic “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” — although we do all shuffle toward the kitchen in a zombified state whenever the company springs for lunch. After all, it’s been well-documented that the most dangerous place in the world is the space between a marketing expert and free food.

We are pod people because we work in a pod structure that provides each client with a dedicated team of talented individuals to see projects through from start to finish. M3 Group shifted toward this structure about three years ago as a concept to provide significant dividends for both our organization as well as each individual client.

The pod benefits for M3 are that it allows a small team of creatives to form a deeper relationship and understanding with a specific brand, giving them the necessary opportunities to fully bond with representatives from that brand; gain broader knowledge of the wants, needs and expectations when it comes to deliverables; and explore the brand voice and tone on a more meaningful level.

For clients, the pod allows them to get to know the people they are collaborating with on a more intimate plain, giving them specific go-to team members with whom to communicate needs. Because clients are working with the same group of creatives, it helps ensure clients are receiving consistency and continuity in their messaging.

There is always a group of administrators providing high-level oversight on each project as it moves through the process, from the president/CEO and the creative director to the chief strategy officer and marketing technology manager; however, the boots-on-the-ground, front-line pod team consists of three members.

  • Client Strategist: The client strategist is the first team member clients will interact with. He or she manages the account, provides strategy, drives direction, keeps everyone on task and develops ideas as projects move along. This person is the primary point of communication and consultation with clients.
  • Content Strategist: The content strategist is the team member who is the master of the message. He or she provides all the words of wisdom as well as guides the strategy when it comes to media relations, communications, social media and marketing.
  • Creative Visionary: Words may convey the message, but you first must get them noticed. The creative visionary provides clients with the emotional feel and instantaneous connection with an audience that only visuals created by an expert designer can ensure.

But wait! There’s more!

The talent bench at M3 Group runs deep and is stocked with a wealth of additional heavy hitters who bring unique talents and professionalism to the game.

In addition to each client’s core dedicated account team, our Resource Pod is stacked with specialists in strategy, research, digital, development, editing, video and other disciplines. We bring these associates in as needed to ensure program success each time and every time regardless of the task.

Our people drive our purpose, and we are tremendously proud to showcase their skills and highlight their accomplishments. Learn more about the M3 staff who bring the passion and performance to deliver the results and make the dreams happen for our clients by visiting