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M3 Group Wins Two Viddy Awards for MSUFCU Campaign

Motion captivates.

Visuals provide food for the eyes. They prompt the immediate emotional response that text cannot, and they can encapsulate a complex story in a matter of seconds that would take paragraphs of words to convey. It’s not too hard to see why video is so popular. Video is an easy-to-digest format that gives our eyes a rest from the overabundance of textual information online.

It’s also why M3 Group devotes numerous resources and professionals to excel in the medium of movement.

That dedication recently paid handsome dividends as M3 Group took home two gold 2023 Viddy Awards in the 28th annual video competition for work the organization completed on the dreamBIG campaign for Michigan State University Federal Credit Union.

“It’s great to receive this recognition on this campaign because our team committed so much creative muscle and effort into the project and were really able to collaborate well together,” said Ken Nelson Jr., creative director at M3 Group. “There were a lot of moving parts involved, and we had everyone firing on all cylinders — from writers and graphic designers to videographers and editors. It was a true team effort.”

MSUFCU’s dreamBIG is a multifaceted campaign crafted by M3 Group that tells the stories of community organizations, highlights their work and reveals how MSUFCU has helped them achieve their big dreams in the community. The campaign showcases MSUFCU’s 84-plus years in the industry helping members, employees and communities achieve their goals in business and life.

The first Viddy Award earned by M3 Group was for several 30-second and 60-second radio and television spots that kicked off the campaign and focus on those who dare to dream — be it starting a business, graduating from college or traveling the world — and how MSUFCU provides several resources to help them realize those dreams.

The second Viddy Award was for a video focusing on MSUFCU’s community impact through its charitable giving. Through the MSUFCU Dream Fund, the credit union provided sustainable resources to support outreach and engagement programs at the MSU Community Music School-Detroit. The commercial shows how MSUFCU’s charitable giving gave the music school the opportunity to empower Detroit youth through a K-12 sequential music education program, which includes a subsidized tuition program.

“The great part about the dreamBIG campaign is that it’s still going on,” Nelson said. “We’re excited to keep building upon this, finding the stories of the dreamers and the aspiring and inspiring in our community — and working together in bringing those stories to life.”

The Viddy Awards were founded in 1995 as the Videographer Awards in Dallas, Texas, by a group of videographers, editors, producers, writers and directors. Their mission was to honor excellence in all aspects of video production. Over the years, the competition has attracted tens of thousands of entries from more than 100 countries, making it one of the largest competitions in the history of film and video.

Entrants include video production companies, advertising and public relations firms, corporate communication departments, cable and broadcast television operations, government agencies and schools, independent producers, wedding and special event producers, designers, developers, content producers, digital artists, video professionals, account supervisors, creative directors, and corporate executives. The awards are administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals.

Video is a versatile and engaging content format that provides a real-life picture of what is going on and is easy to share across multiple platforms. Consumers like it because it’s easy to digest, entertaining and engaging; and marketers like it because it can give a potentially huge return on investment through many channels.

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