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Retrospect: One Year as a Reseda Group Subsidiary

To put a new twist on an old expression: What a year a difference makes.

It’s been just over a year since M3 Group became a subsidiary of Reseda Group in 2022, and a lot of positive changes and developments have taken place in that time.

Reseda Group is a credit union service organization founded and owned by Michigan State University Federal Credit Union. Through the acquisition, M3 Group joined a team of companies under Reseda supporting credit unions. M3 Group was celebrating its 20th anniversary as Greater Lansing’s premier marketing and branding agency when the merger was made.

“Any time you have reached a particular milestone like a 20-year anniversary, you think about succession and new challenges,” M3 Group President and CEO Tiffany Dowling said at the time. “I’m excited to see what new opportunities emerge and also to work with the talented people at Reseda Group and MSUFCU. The integrity, innovation and team of experts secures an amazing path for M3 Group moving forward.”

And opportunities — as well as achievements — have certainly emerged.

Joining the Reseda team has allowed M3 Group to explore mutually beneficial collaborations with the companies under the Reseda umbrella, such as Ever Green 3C in East Lansing, a firm that provides financial literacy and education solutions for credit unions, and the Lansing-based print communications company Foresight Group. In the case of the latter, M3 Group oversees Foresight’s social media presence, and Foresight Group provides the printing of M3 Group’s award-winning publication 517 Magazine.

While we’re on the topic of award wins, M3 Group has been on a bit of a hot streak as of late. The third anniversary of 517 Magazine came in June — right on the heels of the publication’s two recent honors: a gold Hermes Creative Award in the print media/publications category for the magazine’s December 2022 issue and a 2022 platinum MarCom Award for print media publications. The recognitions were complemented with two Viddy Awards M3 Group earned this spring for video production work done for the MSUFCU dreamBIG campaign.

The client roster for M3 Group only expanded over the past year, with additions from a variety of businesses and industries as well as new operations dedicated to support growth specifically targeting credit union operations. M3 leadership has been making valuable connections in the credit union and financial arena at a series of conferences across the country.

Aside from all of the above, the past year has also been more of the same, including organizing a successful Lansing Reception at the Mackinac Policy Conference on Mackinac Island, hosting the wildly popular Greater Lansing Entrepreneurial Awards to spotlight emerging and established business leaders in the region, and the typical stellar creative output from the M3 staff.

The staff has also grown at M3 at all levels to ensure enough talent is available to provide the increasing client base with the attention it needs and deserves. Staff members who joined the M3 team in the past year include Chief Strategy Officer Shelley Davis Boyd, Vice President of Strategic Growth and Market Innovation Jamie Stepanian-Bennett, Creative Director Ken Nelson Jr., Senior Content Strategist Stacy Bogard, Multimedia Specialist Nicholas Richardson, Client Strategist Austin Pabian and Account Executive Kim York.

A lot can happen in a year, and the trajectory of M3 Group only appears to be on a steep upward angle for the foreseeable future. The sky’s the limit.