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M3’s In-Service Day will Better Serve Clients

Improvement is a perpetual process. 

Being open and able to adapt and evolve in a way that propels an advancing motion are the antidotes to the disease of stagnation — and stagnation stifles creativity and  breeds complacency.   

At M3 Group, we don’t believe in standing still. We’re all about motion and forward progress. It’s what serves us best and allows us to serve our clients even better. 

To that end, M3 Group recently held an all-hands-on-deck in-service day with the full staff to discuss how the organization can elevate everything from workflow and consistency to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and community presence.  

“The in-service day had a number of purposes,” said Shelley Davis Boyd, chief strategy officer at M3 Group. “The first purpose was for us to prioritize our brands and for us to make sure that we’re doing the same things that we recommend that our clients do — taking a look at their brand and seeing how they’re presenting themselves. Part of that starts with us having the right processes in place and dedicating the time to address those issues. So, that was the first reason for the day.” 

The second reason to spend a workday looking inward was to be able to provide better service to our clients. After all, if we can’t give our own brand the nurturing care and attention it deserves, how can we properly tend to the brands of our clients to help them grow and blossom? 

“When we have processes and procedures internally in place, that helps us be more efficient in how we deliver to clients and make sure we’re delivering the best work,” Boyd said. “That was the other foundational reason in terms of what we were looking to accomplish.” 

It was also fundamental that the day involve participation from the full staff instead of just the leadership team. Having different perspectives on how processes are implemented and executed is key to gaining a full understanding of how they can be improved, she added.  

“From a team-building standpoint, it’s always nice to pull folks together so that we can see the different functional areas and see how everything works together,” Boyd said. “it’s important to spend that time getting to know one another because we’re all so busy and we’re often running at such a pace that we don’t have time to really spend with our co-workers. So, the in-service day really helped facilitate all of those things that we need — from running the organization to working on our culture as well.” 

And the event was not a one-off, Boyd noted. M3 Group plans on revisiting a day of organizational and operational reflection every six months to provide an opportunity for a regular tune-up. 

“I’m working on getting that time on the calendar, letting folks know, and using our staff meetings and one-on-one meetings to think about the issues that kind of bubble up that we need to tackle,” Boyd said. “We have the quarterly wish lists that we have implemented to work on our brand, but this is really more about securing that dedicated working time that we don’t often have to really focus in on what’s what makes us M3.” 

Perfection can only be found on the path of constant progress. Want to know how M3 Group can put your brand on the progress path? Reach out to us at