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M3 Group: On a Mission

Jerry McGuire” is known for many memorable moments. From introducing the world to phrases such as “Show me the money” and “You complete me” to enlightening the populace that the human head weighs 8 pounds, the 1996 blockbuster film can be thanked for making a variety of chit-chat contributions to our quotable lexicon. 

One often-overlooked contribution is heightening awareness of the term “mission statement” — and it’s overlooked for good reason. 

The document that the title character compiles at the early end of the movie — which, ultimately, gets him canned from his cushy sports agent job — is not a mission statement. At a rambling 25 pages, it’s a manifesto. 

With all due respect to Mr. McGuire, a mission statement is a very simple sentence or paragraph that distills the purpose of a company and what it provides to its customers. Something breezy and easy to remember along the lines of: 

“Our creativity and commitment to a powerful, trademarked process drives brands forward.” 

That, of course, is the mission statement of M3 Group. It is the central pillar under which we perform all our client services.   

When it comes to our business at M3, we strive for greatness: pushing our creativity and passion to the limit to bring the best brand possible to our clients. Our clients’ brands are not just the typeface they use or the colors in the logo; it’s how they want to present themselves to the world.  

The aforementioned trademarked process is the M3 Method, a three-step strategy we defined and refined during the pandemic to help our clients achieve comprehensive marketing results.  

  • Magnify: First, we look closely at your existing brand, assets and competitive landscape to discover what is working well and where improvements would be most beneficial. 
  • Motivate: Second, we develop systems, products and strategies you agree will help you achieve the results you prioritized. 
  • Mobilize: Third, we produce the deliverables, execute the strategies and exert the effort required to increase your bottom line. 

We pride ourselves on the ideas that we bring to the table when it comes to a company’s branding. We strive to work with our clients to meld what each client can see in their mind and what our strategists and designers put to the page. Creativity and innovation are what sets a company’s brand apart when it would otherwise be lost in the shuffle.  

Commitment follows creativity— the drive to bring concepts into reality. Commitment is about the persistence to bring creative ideas to the forefront and the resilience to push through any obstacles that may arise.  

While commitment to the brand is important, it’s not everything. There is also the need to keep pushing the boundaries of the brand and when something isn’t working, it’s important to have the knowledge and research to be able to pivot and commit to pushing forward. 

Our mission statement is the core of what M3 Group grasps in our day-to-day operations. We’re always looking for new avenues to push past what worked yesterday into what’s better tomorrow. It’s how the needle is moved and new trails are blazed.