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Marketing Trends for the Modern Client 

There’s a darn good reason we all cringe when looking back at photos from our high school years. 

What was fresh and in style back then looks today like it was untombed from a time capsule commemorating bad fashion choices of the past 30 years.  

In today’s technologically interconnected world, trends come and go at a breakneck pace never before imagined, and it’s difficult to discern what is going to be the flavor of the month and what is going to become the next time-tested classic.  

Outside of fashion, the revolving door of marketing trends may well be one of the busiest as businesses and organizations scramble to get on the latest and greatest bandwagons that will put their products and services front and center before the buying public.  

While even the most seasoned marketing wonk would be hard-pressed to predict the next big thing coming down the pike, here are four trends that have shaping up to have a nice run for the foreseeable future. 

Personalization and Data-Driven Marketing 

When it comes to modern advertising, people have come to expect more personalization. Gone are the days of seeing random commercials between shows on TV or even having a website create its own ads. Most websites are using Google Ads, which can pinpoint an audience almost to the homes they live in. This personalized marketing has become less of a high-end option and become a necessity to keep up with the competition.  

Video Marketing Dominance 

It’s amazing how far video content has taken off in the last decade. With the rise of the short-form video formats like TikTok and Instagram Reels, video marketing has also taken flight. Old forms of advertising are still relevant but are aimed at an older audience. Younger audiences have gravitated toward newer platforms, increasing the relevance of advertising via video productions. It’s true that the more impressive productions are more expensive, but there are cheaper options using staff in the office. Sometimes it’s preferable to have content that is less produced but more interesting, keeping people engaged for longer to get your message across. 

Influencer Marketing Evolution 

With the rise in TikTok and Instagram Reels content, there has also been an increase in a newer form of advertising with an influencer or content creator. Creating new ads or new content to consume can be a costly endeavor. It’s much easier to work with a content creator to create work around your product or theme, or just to sponsor their content that people are consuming. It’s also effective that this creator will have detailed knowledge of their audience and can give feedback and input into what might work better.  

Marketing Automation 

Something else that’s been around for a while but has become more and more refined is marketing automation. These tools help to streamline repetitive marketing tasks such as emailing a potential client who has visited your website or thanking someone for purchasing your product or service. This allows your marketing team to focus on more creative aspects and come up with more complicated strategies while consistently delivering personalized content to customers.