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Which Super Bowl Ads Scored with M3?

The hype.

The buildup.

The anticipation of seeing the best of the best take the field to display their prowess and professionalism.

The Super Bowl takes on a special significance when you work at a marketing agency. Of course, that pesky game keeps interrupting the nonstop of parade of advertising brilliance.

At a reported $7 million a pop for 30 seconds of national airtime, the Super Bowl is the premier showcase for cleverness and creativity in advertising. We’re willing to gamble that just as many people get amped up for the ads as the game. Due to that, we asked some of our own marketing merrymakers here at M3 Group to weigh in on what kept them glued to the set this year.


Stacy Bogard

Our star senior content strategist was feeling the ’80s vibe from the T-Mobile spot that featured Jason “Aquaman” Momoa teaming up with the former “Scrubs” duo Zach Braff and Donald Faison for a moment of musical interlude set to the tune of Irene Cara’s “Flashdance … What a Feeling.”

“I like how they played to the entertainment value of having Jason Momoa do something unexpected — singing and dancing — but threw in elements of what you do expect with his gruff response opening the door and superhero-induced ground shaking after he does a back flip. T-Mobile also got a solid product plug in to the theme of ‘Flashdance,” and having Jennifer Beals show up at the end was just (chef’s kiss) to pull it all together.”

You’d be a maniac not to check it out:


Mary Gajda

Our publications and events director was excited to see the M3 Group-filmed and -produced piece for Michigan State University Federal Credit Union that featured Saddleback BBQ. Outside of that, she was partial to the BMW spot starring actor Christopher Walken and his even more famous purring-and-halting speech pattern.

“My favorite Super Bowl ad was the BMW spot that had a series of everyday people running into and imitating actor Christopher Walken in his very recognizable tone of voice. Near the end of the ad, Usher inserts himself into the conversation with Walken replying, “Don’t you have somewhere to be?” — a nod to the upcoming halftime performance. I was not very excited about the game without the Detroit Lions there, so the commercial added a little more cowbell to the evening for me.”

See … what you? … think … for yourself:


Dave Busch

Our senior creative strategist is a man who spends his days crafting a message, so it makes perfect sense that he was drawn to a profound and impactful ad that reached out and resonated with a call to action, civility and common sense.

“The Stand up to Jewish Hate spot was great. And using Martin Luther King’s speech writer as a spokesperson to express that sentiment is absolutely brilliant, completely relevant and 100% supportable.”

See the spot for yourself at:


Kathryn Aspin

Our design director knows what it takes to turn heads and get noticed on a visual level, so her pick for the best ad carries a lot of credibility. The wall-to-wall, star-studded commercial for Dunkin’ featuring everyone from Ben Affleck and Matt Damon to Tom Brady and Jennifer Lopez hit the sweet spot for her.

“I found the Dunkin’ Super Bowl commercial to be the most appealing because of its clever blend of star power and genuine personalities. Unlike some commercials that rely solely on celebrity endorsements, this one stood out because the stars didn’t just appear; they infused the ad with their unique charm and authenticity. This approach made the Dunkin’ brand feel relatable and inviting, creating a sense of comfort and fun around its products. The commercial successfully showcased Dunkin’ as more than just a place for coffee and treats — it became a symbol of ease and enjoyment in everyday life.”

Doughnut miss the spot by seeing it here:


Christopher Nagy

There may be only two other actors who have such distinct voices and speech mannerisms that they outshine Walken on the imitation-worthy scale. One of them, of course, is William Shatner. The other is the star of the commercial pick from our M3 Group senior editor.

“The Agent State Farm commercial with Arnold Schwarzenegger was brilliant on all levels. It was fun, clever, entertaining and goofy. Plus, a lot of attention was given to little details, such as the ‘Red Oval Films’ production studio graphic at the start of fake movie trailer that played off the State Farm logo. When you have a marquee star like Arnold willing to poke a little self-deprecating fun at himself and show that’s he’s in on the joke, it makes him seem a lot more down to earth and real.”  

Get to the choppa! and see it yourself here: