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Discover key learnings and insights from our M3 experts who are passionate about what we do and love to share with others how it’s done.

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The importance of video for your branding

If your business counts on marketing tools – and let’s face it, any business that wants to be successful needs to market their brand – video needs to be part of your strategy. Look on social media – what content gets the most attention? Video. What gives the most retention (memory recall)? Video. Whether it’s […]
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Smartphone vs. Digital camera for business photography

Pictures really do tell a story and depending on that final image, your story can circulate or fall flat. When it comes to using photography for your business’ social media, etc., there are several things to consider. Among them, what are you planning to do with your images? DSLR: A good DSLR costs anywhere from […]
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How to handle an online critic

Being a critic is easy these days. People live under the guise of anonymity via the world wide web. They are not so anonymous on social media like Facebook; because social media doesn’t involve face-to-face interactions and it is easy to feel empowered to lodge complaints and insults. When you are a business owner, you […]
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Procrastination – I’ll just do this later

We all do it. We have sales calls we need to make, reports to write, meetings to prepare for, etc. But instead, we organize our desks, jump on Facebook, send out emails or even decide that we need to take a break before moving forward. We keep putting off whatever small detail we need to […]

Real Men Really Do Wear Pink

At M3 Group, we encourage our staff to be involved with the community. Giving financially is a wonderful thing; but giving time and raising awareness is also a great gift. M3 Group Marketing Account Specialist Zach Krieger has always been known to us as a bit of a fashionista. Except for the time he wore […]

What your profile picture says about you

  What your profile picture says about you Just like the first impression you give when someone enters your workplace, your social media and web photo speaks volumes about you. What does your current LinkedIn or web image say? If you want it to say “professional,” “put together,” “trustworthy,” “creative” and more – dress the […]

Networking brings economic empowerment

Professional networking in the community you live in is not only a great way to get your name out there, but it is an effective form of community relations and expands your overall network. As a small-business owner, it’s important to remember your community are your customers. This is one reason why it is so […]
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The Importance of Community Involvement

  Businesses that show an active interest toward being involved in the community often distinguish themselves from competitors – and many benefits can come as a result, such as a happier workforce or a more loyal customer base. Whether by granting employees time to volunteer each week, sponsoring an event within the community or being […]

Effective Brainstorming

  M3 Group meets regularly for brainstorming sessions. Even a creative group of experienced visionaries has to stay on top of the game and cultivate fresh, new ideas to stay relevant. But there are ways to effectively brainstorm for a successful outcome – and there are ways to kill the vibes of a session faster […]