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Marketing Trends for the Modern Client 

There’s a darn good reason we all cringe when looking back at photos from our high school years.  What was fresh and in style back then looks today like it was untombed from a time capsule commemorating bad fashion choices of the past 30 years.   In today’s technologically interconnected world, trends come and go at […]
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Be Audit You Can Be: The Purpose of a Brand Audit

Since we’re still a ways off from tax season, it’s probably safe to bring up the topic of audits without the risk of having you break out in a cold sweat and run screaming for the hills.    However, we’re not talking about financial audits and visits from grim-faced, starched-collar, briefcase-wielding agents from the Internal Revenue […]
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The Curious CUSO: What is a Credit Union Service Organization?

For those dedicated readers of this blog — you may have noticed an unfamiliar phrase popping up with familiar frequency: credit union service organization. In a previous post, we noted some of the changes and developments taking place since M3 Group became a subsidiary of Reseda Group in 2022. Reseda Group is a credit union service organization founded […]
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M3 Group: On a Mission

“Jerry McGuire” is known for many memorable moments. From introducing the world to phrases such as “Show me the money” and “You complete me” to enlightening the populace that the human head weighs 8 pounds, the 1996 blockbuster film can be thanked for making a variety of chit-chat contributions to our quotable lexicon.  One often-overlooked […]
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Battling Back from Burnout

We’re all aware of the personal high you get when your creative cup runneth over. You feel 10 feet tall and bulletproof. You have the excess energy and excitement to run a victory lap around the office, high-fiving the sales team, the payroll staff and intern pool as you make the celebratory rounds. You can’t […]
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Current Affairs: MSU Student Magazine Gets a Makeover

M3 Group is known for being a branding and marketing agency, but we’re also a publisher.  For years, we published Greater Lansing Business Monthly and Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine before merging the two to become 517 Magazine.  Another magazine we’ve also published for quite some time is a Michigan State University student-run and -written […]

Mind Games: The Value of Thought Leadership

Sure, it’s a marketing buzzword right up there with snackable content, CRM and customer journey; however, thought leadership shouldn’t be so easily dismissed as the marketing jargon du jour. The concept of thought leadership has been around the block a few times and has proven itself with an established track record. When used wisely, it […]

Personality Crisis: The Importance of Audience Personas

Remember that classic 1979 song by The Knack called “My Persona”? No? Um … we don’t either. But while we’re on the topic, let’s talk about buyer/customer personas and how they can help an organization better understand and interact with its target audience. This is, after all, a marketing blog not “American Bandstand.” An audience […]

Bye, Bye Birdie

How Twitter may be the New Coke of 2023