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Headphone listening

The Art of Social Listening

You can use social listening to gain new insight into what people are saying about a brand, topic and even the customer service of a business.

Basics of Design

When looking at an advertisement, have you ever paid attention to how your eye moves across it?

Incorporating Content Marketing into Your PR Strategy

Incorporating your marketing content into your public relations is important.
Generic Moodboard

Mock-ups and Mood Boards

Why preliminary visuals are so important

Understanding Social Media Part Four: Twitter

M3 Groups guide to Twitter

Understanding Social Media Part Three: LinkedIn

M3 Groups guide to LinkedIn
Instagram phone

Understanding Social Media Part Two: Instagram

Depending on the type of business you do and who you want to reach, Instagram can be a very viable advertising option.
Facebook phone

Understanding Social Media Part One: Facebook

Part one of our four part series on social media.
Teams call Christmas

Holiday Team Building through a Pandemic

M3 Group shares our tips for holiday Team Building during a pandemic

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