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Is it time for a rebrand of your business?

Rebranding is a delicate but very popular decision.
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Business Survival 101

What steps to take to prevent being a victim of changing market conditions
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Employee Education Benefits

Learning doesn’t have to stop the day you earn your degree.
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M3 Group Fosters Community Feel Through Events

We feel more like a family than a collection of coworkers
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Did know you know we publish magazines?

Shining the Spotlight on Local Women
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The ‘Morale’ of the story

Community service leave also can-do wonders for an office.
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With all of the high-tech methods to get an advertiser’s product noticed, an old-school method of selling a brand is having its second wind. Billboards, according to The Hustle, are back in vogue. They are classified as “out of home” ads and make up 66 percent of the out-of-home market, which includes ads on trucks, […]
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Logo trends for 2019

Your logo is everything. It tells your brand’s story in just a glance through color, design and the statement it makes. But trends change and keeping up with the times is important. The few companies that can get away with a classic logo usually can use it for years. Others need to make small adjustments […]
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Thank You from (and to) the Davies Project

M3 Group recently held a book drive to benefit the Davies Project, which offers rides for families with children who have special health needs. These free rides mean fewer missed appointments and healthier kids. In fact, according to the Davies Project, “In Greater Lansing, where 70 percent of the children who rely on the local […]

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