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Our Team

Cameron Marie Needham

VP of Marketing Technology & Development

It’s like “CSI: Lansing,” with a complex web of strings linking one document to the next on a police evidence board. That’s how Cameron approaches website design and marketing automation, as she delves into a richer understanding of the human behavior and psychology behind each step of the process. From marketing automation to website development, her extensive detective work pays off in deducing how people will best react and engage for our clients. That type of reverse engineering also applies to Cameron’s life path. While some look West to spend their future years, she moved from Arizona to Michigan and ran her own Mason-based marketing agency for five years before coming to M3. In her free time, Cameron can typically be found looking up something new on the computer to satisfy her love of learning, out on the gun range or fulfilling her fix for TV crime dramas like “Law & Order: SVU.” Dun-Dun.