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Our Team

Ken Nelson Jr.

Creative Director

If all the world’s a stage, Ken knows how to give great stage direction to the players. With a background in theater, video production and editing, and visual and web design — as well as experience as a film and media instructor at Michigan State University who has two feature films to his credit — Ken knows how to tell great stories. He uses those skills to full advantage for M3 clients. “In whatever I do, I always try to infuse theater, cinema, drama and authenticity to really get to the heart of whatever story I’m trying to tell,” he said. “I’m here to help the team tell great stories for clients — increase the storytelling aspects through video, graphics, web design. Whatever the client’s goal is, whatever value they’re trying to communicate to the customer, I’m always asking how we can increase the quality of that.” And since he’s a filmmaker himself, you just know we had to ask: Top three movies — go! “‘Pulp Fiction’ is up there; ‘Rocky,’ the entire ‘Rocky’ series; and ‘E.T.’” When it comes to his work, he’s definitely not “phoning” it in. Get it? “E.T.”? Nevermind.