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Who We Are

About Us 

Founded in 2002, M3 Group is a fully integrated, digitally focused, strategically driven branding and marketing agency. We help our clients understand their target markets, prioritize efforts, and develop engaging, visually compelling content that connects. We can help with everything from breakthrough ad creative to full-scale integrated marketing campaigns. Need help developing your marketing strategy? We’ve got it. Just want world-class implementation? No problem, we’re on it.

Why do we do what we do? It’s really pretty simple:

We love connections.

Connecting people. Connecting ideas. Connecting brands with who they are now and who they can become in the future.   

We love storytelling.

We grew up learning and loving the process that helps brands understand who they are and who they want to be.

We love brands.

We help organizations uncover who they are and achieve who they want to be.

We love creativity.

We get up in the morning to challenge expectations, push the envelope and deliver greatness.

We love to solve problems.

How do we achieve results for each client’s unique issue? We rise to meet the challenge.