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Our Team

Angela Winkler

Client Strategist

The opportunity to nurture relationships and keep the project train on the tracks to fulfill needs for clients drew Angela to join M3 Group as a client strategist. Multitasking and keeping numerous plates spinning at once is a skill Angela honed during her previous work scheduling commercials as a traffic coordinator at multiple radio and televisions stations in Michigan,Florida and North Carolina. Now that she has returned to her roots in the Greater Lansing region, a good portion of Angela’s free time is occupied by the activities of her two young nieces who happen to live right next door to her. Her recreational hobbies of softball and karaoke have largely been curtailed since the pandemic, but she always has her semi-retired saxophone she began playing in the fifth grade to fall back on if the urge ever arises. As far as a secret superpower, Angela can boast the ability to say the alphabet backwards — because why not?