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Our Team

Stacy Bogard

Senior Content Strategist

Some of the technology may have changed, but the written word still shoulders the weight of partnering information with emotion, regardless of the vessel in which it is conveyed. That is something Stacy understands extremely well. From print publications and reports to emails and social media, Stacy has honed her craft of writing and storytelling to communicate a message for more than 20 years for groups such as the Michigan Association of School Boards and the American Association of Endodontists in Chicago. That skill and experience now benefits clients of the M3 team. She said the energy and supportive nature around the M3 offices and among her co-workers always ensures the client’s needs come first. Outside of work, Stacy enjoys cooking, crafting and volunteering opportunities. “It’s something that is impacting the community. I like the social aspect of being able to go out into the community and meet different people.”